The extra features you can expect!

Create multiple stunning sliders, easily. Easing Slider "Pro" is the complete solution.

More Sliders

Create an unlimited amount of sliders with "Pro". Each slider can have an unlimited number of images.

Touch & Mobile

Swipe to transition slides. "Pro" is built to be support mobile fully. CSS3 ensures ultra smooth, high quality transitions.

YouTube & Vimeo

Easing Slider will automatically detect YouTube and Vimeo links. Simply click the image and the video will play.

Priority Help & Support

As a loyal customer, you'll be given prioritised support. We will always come up with a solution.

Developer Friendly

Easing Slider is developer friendly. We've made it easy to create your own functionality using actions & filters

Easy to Use

The interface is beautiful, just like in "Lite". No configuration is required, and it remains super simple to use.